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Product Awareness Outdoors - First Creek Wines

FIRST CREEK WINES Multi-award winning Hunter Valley winemaker, First Creek Wines, is on the expansion trail. And the first step on the move to increasing market awareness is the appointment of 25-year-old Daniel Giesser as Business Development Manager. First Creek Brands include Allanmere and Chatto Circus Series, which have limited availability to special market segments in Australia and overseas. Daniel is directing change, and aims to broaden the market reach: “First Creek wines have huge appeal, and have done so well in wine shows that the company believed it was time to further develop sales.” Daniel says his aim is to grow the public awareness winemaker’s products, and the first step to that end is developing strategic partnerships, working in with a number of corporations, such as car dealerships, who use First Creek products as incentives for staff and the public. “Strategic partnerships like car dealerships are good for wine sales and great for brand awareness.” The major focus of the strategy is the First Creek label, and its prominence as a Hunter Valley brand with its Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz wines, as well as out of area wines. “We source Orange varietals to produce our Merlot, Cab Merlot and Cabernets, and use Tasmanian product to make our Pinot Noir,” Daniel says. And he says First Creek is value for money: “Our 2011 Semillon has won three gold medals, and it is a bargain at $22 a bottle; even less if you are a member of our wine club. “Who else sells a three times gold medal wine at that price?” First Creek was founded in 1996 by four winemakers with a passion for crafting wines of exceptional regional quality. First Creek’s main share holdings are made up of four families: the Giessers, Petersons, Reeds and the Silkmans. Each family brings a unique set of skills and experiences, which ensure the company’s success. From a winemaking perspective, a talented and highly acclaimed team of winemakers led by Liz Jackson and Greg Silkman are regarded as among the best winemakers in Australia. Daniel is the youngest family member to join the team, and he comes with a passion for wine. Daniel graduated with a combined degree in commerce and law from the University of NSW, and coupled with his export experience to China, is well positioned to lead the company’s business development program. First Creek has completed four stages (and 10,000 sq.m) of a planned seven stage modern winemaking/bottling/storage and retailing development on a site with First Creek as its northern border. It is one of the Hunter Valley's largest winery developments in the last 10 years. The company offers professional winemaking services to more than 25 boutique labels, and bottling for more than 100 companies, including Tulloch, Two Rivers, Gartelmann, Ivanhoe, Krinklewood  & Mount Broke wines. First Creek wines are distributed in NSW and Melbourne by Zenith Wines, and the company exports its products to Sweden and China. But winemaking is a tough market; growth isn’t guaranteed by expansion. Someone has to take the cork out of the bottle and promote awareness of the product. Daniel says “tonnes and tonnes” of wines are being produced, but the future for First Creek is about profile. A long list of wine show awards supports what the discerning palate already knows, however, if people don’t recognse the brand, they don’t buy. And this is why Daniel’s job as Business Development Manager, and his work building the winemaker’s profile, is so important. He doesn’t talk target sales figures, but Daniel suggests he would be happy if he were able to double sales. Given the world’s insatiable demand for quality wine, the target is achievable. For more information, or to join the First Creek Wine Club, visit:


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