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On a hot day, flicking lures for barra along the bank of a mangrove-lined estuary, or maybe casting poppers for GTs, an angler will work up a thirst. The thirst hits hardest in an estuary where there is little wind to dissipate humidity and heat.

Barra are on the chew. Conditions are so extreme you find yourself wiping the sweat off the rod handle after every couple of casts. You’ve developed a thirst. It’s a natural consequence flowing on from the heat, effort and action.

And, just as natural, is the desire for a thirst-quenching drop of beer: not one of your soppy, sweet imported brews, but a true, Aussie brewed lager. Across the Top End, increasing numbers of anglers with a thirst are finding the super crisp taste of Great Northern their quench of choice.

This isn’t to suggest Top End anglers should drink and fish. We would never do that. However, only puritans suggest there is something wrong with moderate, sensible drinking after a hot day on the water. After all, beer is a traditional form of celebration: as true blue as meat pies and kangaroos.

Carlton & United Breweries recognised this when it released its Great Northern beer for the palates of Queenslanders, five years ago. Initially, it was presented as a smooth, refreshing full-strength beer. However, specifically with tropical fishos in mind, its alcohol content has been reduced to 3.5%, putting it squarely in the market for mid-strength-style beers.

Great Northern is named after CUB’s first brewery in the state, and revives the classic marlin logo of the discontinued Cairns Draught line. Subsequently, Great Northern lager has risen in standing among Queensland beer drinkers and is now the fastest growing beer in that state.

Across the Top End, the crisp, golden lager is flowing faster than the famous Daly River tidal bore, and is becoming the dominant quench of choice among Top End anglers with discerning palates.

Most Top End anglers like their beer cold and crisp. The chill in beer is up to you; the Great Northern Brewing Company guarantees its product is always crisp to the palate, with a subtle bitterness, mild fruity aroma and refreshing light finish that is oh so refreshing after a hard day flicking lures in the mangrove office, or trolling, jigging or bottom bouncing on the bluewater.

Available through your local liquor outlets.


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