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PRODUCT AWARENESS: Skeeter Boats In Australia

Skeeter boats have a long and fine tradition in the boat building world. In 1948, the very first Skeeter (and indeed the very first Bass boat) rolled onto the American market. Since then, Skeeter has evolved into an incredibly safe and stable fishing platform, meeting and exceeding strict US marine laws and standards.

Skeeter boats found their way into Australia just over a decade ago. Immediately these boats began to fill a niche on the ABT tournament fishing scene, with experienced and talented competitors appreciating the real benefits that Skeeter boats offered when the game is serious sportfishing. Tournament anglers like Jason Wilhelm even used his ZX 190 Skeeter as his fishing charter boat.  Jason saw the great benefits of a cushion-soft side, the complete dryness regardless of wind and chop and the open deck fish ability that the Skeeter boat offers.

As with all things fishing, Northern Territory anglers (and indeed others around Australia) have started to see the benefits of such a fine fishing platform. Fast trips down long rivers mean more fishing and less travelling. Combined with excellent stability at rest, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of these boats are turning up at tournaments like the Barra Nationals, Barra Classic and Kakadu Klash.

All Skeeter boats are of unsinkable design, being foam filled and running an aluminium deck grid and stringer system. What does this all mean? It means an amazingly-fast, rigid fishing platform that eats up wind-chop whilst keeping occupants dry and safe.

To make your fishing experience easy, the under-deck the storage for fishing tackle, rods and other gear means there is plenty of fishing platform available.

These boats were built by fishermen, for fishermen. Fit out is of the absolute highest order. In a cut-throat US boat building market, to stay on top of your competitors, you need to offer the very best in construction: strength, reliability, performance and safety.

Skeeter Australia became Australia’s exclusive importer of the world renowned Skeeter Performance Fishing Boat in 2004.


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