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Quantam Exo Baitcast Reels

“Metal where it matters”. That’s the thinking behind Quantum’s new exoskeletal hybrid construction used in the EXO range of spin and baitcast reels. It combines a special ultra-rigid aluminium alloy in load-bearing areas with a lightweight composite
that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50 percent. This allows the construction of the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. In fact, it’s 38 percent stronger than magnesium and six times stronger than a graphite composite frame.

In addition to the exceptional casting distance that is typical of Quantum baitcast reels, the lightweight design defies EXO’s strength. This has been proven during the Australian testing schedule that included extensive fishing in the Northern Territory and North Queensland for big barramundi and other tough tropical fish. That bodes well for barra fans, and gives supreme confidence to southern anglers targeting bass, Murray cod and yellowbelly.

The new EXO Baitcast reels feature a high-capacity spool and a PT drag system with a specialised mix of ceramic, stainless and carbon fibre washers. The new anti-corrosive SCR base alloy improves frame strength and is further protected by the new Salt-Gard 2.0 coating process. The standard Tru-Balance handle is fitted with EVA knobs and the 300 size reels come with an additional power handle. Other features include continuous anti-reverse, quick-release side cover and adjustable centrifugal cast control.

The EXO Baitcast range comprises nine models across 100, 200 and 300 sizes. The 300 size offers 7.3:1 and 6.6:1 options; the 100 and 200 sizes are available in those ratios, plus a 5.3:1 option. The EX 101SPT left-hand reel has a 6.6:1 gear ratio. These impressively lightweight reels pack plenty of punch, too; in the 200 and 300 sizes the HPT 7.3:1 models achieve up to 18lb of drag, the SPT 6.6:1 models pull a touch more at 20lb of drag, and the PPT 5.3:1 models deliver an impressive 22lb of drag.


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