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The distinct charcoal finish of the new Quantum Smoke baitcast reels is sure to become a recognisable mark of the ultimate in lightweight high-performance casting reels. The new weight-reduced Smoke 150 platform totals a mere 192.7g (6.8oz). The Smoke 100 weighs only 176g (6.2oz).

That’s incredible for reels that can still boast the strength of an aluminium frame and side covers.

The high performance of Quantum Performance Tuned reels dominates the USA’s professional bass tournament scene. Six-time BASS Angler of the Year, Kevin Van Dam, has won more than US$4 million prize money exclusively using Quantum reels and rods. That same tournament-dominating technology is used in the Smoke baitcasters, including the precision of the Infinite ACS cast control system, a layered PT ceramic drag system, seven super-smooth PT bearings, plus an anti-reverse clutch. The EVA handle knobs are comfortable and lightweight.

Smoke baitcasters are lightweights on the scales but they advance to heavyweights when fighting fish. The pre-launch testing in Australia included battles with big Murray cod, bass, golden perch and Queensland’s impoundment barramundi. The Smoke passed each test in style, attracting comments regarding the casting accuracy that Quantum’s Performance Tuned technology affords, plus compliments about the comfort of fishing with a lightweight reel that has such drag power to stop big fish.

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