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If you’re owned a few boats in your life, then it’s a fair bet at least one was a Quinnie.

70 years is most definitely a worthy anniversary celebration for an Australian boat building company. Established in 1945, Quintrex is surely the best-known boat brand in Australia.

Currently, there are nearly 100 models in the Quintrex range, a staggering figure when you think about it. The smallest is just 2.45m and the largest is 7m, incorporating Open Boats, Runabouts, Centre Consoles, Bowriders, Explorers, Hornets and Cabin models.

Quintrex prides itself on its research and innovative development. Wonderful examples of this are the implementation of stretch-forming technology to create the award-winning Millennium Hull and Flared Bow, followed by creation of the Millennium Blade Hull. Thanks to the success of Quintrex's innovative designs it has won Aluminium Boat of the Year over 10 times.

The first Quintrex hull, the brainchild of Terry Quantrall, was produced in Sydney in 1945.

The Flared Bow was first released in 1968 and has become a permanent fixture on most Quintrex models. The stretch-forming technology used to create this marvel is still as revolutionary today as it was then. The design fundamentals used to create the Flared Bow paved the way for the development of the Millennium Hull and now the Millennium Blade Hull.

These days there are 99 models including cabins, bowriders, runabouts and open tinnies…

Quintrex, which had grown to become Telwater with Yellowfin, Stacer and Savage brands, felt the financial pinch of the Global Financial Crisis in 2010 and was forced to reduce staffing levels, and diversify into campervan manufacture in addition to boats. Before the GFC, there was a year when Telwater produced 15,000 boats in total; in 2014, the company built about 12,000 boats across all brands. Quintrex boats account for about 5,500 units a year.

The first Quintrex boats were 10, 12 and 14 foot, open varieties. These days there are 99 models including cabins, bowriders, runabouts and open tinnies, produced by more than 230 staff at the company’s 4ha factory at Coomera.

Quintrex has a well-established national dealer network incorporating over 60 dealerships across Australia. It also exports extensively to over 15 countries across the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and the Indian Ocean.

Smooth and comfortable to ride in, easy to handle and built to last, Quintrex is well on its way to achieving its vision to become the biggest and best little aluminium boat builder in the world.

To help celebrate its 70th anniversary, earlier this year Quintrex launched an upgrade of several popular models and an expansion of its hard-top range.


Quintrex's Trident Hard Top came about following demand from customers and dealers for an expanded offshore fishing range. There are now six models.

The 610 Trident Hard Top offers customers a slightly more versatile and affordable option while still incorporating all the features and strategic layout design of the larger Hard Top models.

Featuring a fully-enclosed hardened windscreen complete with sliding side windows and a windscreen wiper kit all as standard, the 610 Trident Hard Top is a good boat to be in when the sea gets messy.

The only offshore range to feature Quintrex's Flared Bow and Blade Hull, the 610 Trident HT cuts through rough water with ease by deflecting spray and offering stability at rest and under way.

Constructed with 5mm marine grade aluminium bottom sheets and an underfloor rib structure, the 610 Trident HT is made to handle and manoeuvre through Australian waters and weather.

Built ready to fish, the standard 610 Trident HT model includes a live-bait tank with viewing window, large cutting board with drink and rod holders, 160L underfloor fuel tank, burley bucket and a 13L plumbed kill tank.

Quintrex National Account Manager, Cameron Wood, said the new 610 Trident HT was receiving rave reviews from the dealer network.

“The 610 HT is rated to a massive 200hp and measures in at around 6.2m with nice big cabin bunks which I think will make this boat exceptionally popular. You still get something that can handle offshore conditions but it's more affordable and perhaps more accessible if people are restricted with size and towing limits,” Cameron said.

The Trident HT options include a stereo and speakers, vinyl wrap and bunk infill cushions for the cabin.

Like all the new Quinnies, the Trident 610 Hard Top is available as an Instant Boating Package, complete with trailer and motor and 3-year factory-backed warranty.


Quintrex has updated its Hornet series for 2015 with the entire range now featuring the successful Fighter Series shaped bow.

The Fighter Series features a wide “forked” shaped bow, designed to improve stability at rest whilst also increasing internal storage and the casting area.

The Fighter Series bow was first released in 2013 exclusively to the 450, 481 and 500 Hornet Trophy models and, after favourable reviews, was developed for the entire Hornet and Hornet Trophy range as well as Quintrex's Explorer range in models 390 and above.

The addition of the Fighter Series Bow sees a whopping 11% increase on the front casting deck across the entire Hornet Trophy range, including the popular 440 Hornet Trophy.

Also new to the Hornet Trophy range in 2015 is a deluxe carpet as standard as well as a new-look side console, while the 400 Hornet Trophy also receives larger gunnels. The 440 Hornet Trophy features a rear casting platform with a live-bait tank, a front casting platform, rod holders, transducer bracket and smooth-look 2mm marine grade aluminium top sides.

Quintrex National Account Manager, Cameron Wood, said the new Hornet range still offered exactly the same style of boat that anglers loved with the new improved shape offering extra room and stability.


Quintrex's new 530 Cruiseabout features more room to relax with an unbelievable 62% larger bow lounge area, making it a true rig of comfort and relaxation.

With the help of the new lounge area, the 530 Cruiseabout features a sleek and modern look internally, including new luxe, premium carpet and a moulded, UV stable plastic top deck.

The 530 Cruiseabout is the perfect addition to the family complete with a deluxe folding rear lounge, rod holders, underfloor storage, rear ladder and a 95L fuel tank.

Built with the renowned Flared Bow and Blade Hull, the 530 Cruiseabout also features a smooth and reliable ride for all your needs whether you are cruising around or pulling a water skier.

Quintrex National Account Manger, Cameron Wood, said the new 530 Cruiseabout was a popular model in the bowrider range and the new lounge and internal look would be sure to get some attention at the boat shows this year.

“The 530 Cruiseabout is rated to 7 people and can carry a 130hp engine making it a very attractive family boat,” Cameron said.


Quintrex's Top Ender series is back better and the 510 Top Ender now features 4mm bottom sheets and 3mm side sheets; both increased by a lmm for extra strength and durability.

New practical features to the Top Ender range also include full-length side pockets, underfloor storage bins and a large anchor well opening.

The Top Ender with the Blade Hull really does offer a smoother and drier ride than its predecessor, with good stability at rest.

The 510 Top Ender comes standard with an impressive line of features including rod holders, a live-bait tank in the back deck, sounder, scupper drainage system and a rear ladder.

Serious fishos can option up the 510 Top Ender with a deluxe rod locker and an extra storage bin for the front casting platform.

Quintrex National Account Manger, Cameron Wood, said the new Top Ender range gives customers the features they had been asking for while keeping the price pretty much the same as previous models.

“We now also have new seat bases with lockable driving positions to make it more comfortable for driving, especially over long distances,” Cameron said.

“The Top Ender is available in several sizes and models, so if you are looking for something to fish inside or outside, a console or tiller steer, there is a model for your type of fishing.”


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