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The launch of the new Trident 690 and 650 hard tops took place on the Gold Coast last June. The actual on-water testing by media representatives present took place after a tour of the Quintrex factory to look at the construction process behind a Quintrex plate boat, including the benefits of pulse welding, the underfloor rib structure and the different components that make up each boat. We also looked at Quintrex’s state-of-the-art paint booths and the extensive fit-out factory.

Quintrex now has 30 big-boat models across its range. These are 6m-plus boats, and they go to the top end of the market. As explained, they go to the dealers with no accessories, no fitted outboards, no electronics etc as buyers prefer to choose and have fitted their own preferences.

It was interesting to learn that the boats are rated according to a flip test on full-lock turns. Professional drivers (two up with full fuel etc) test each boat with an outboard size. If the boat looks like flipping, it is brought back in and adjustments are made to the fuel tank, kill tanks and other internals, then it is re-tested. This process continues until the boat works.

Trident Hard Top Quintrex’s new release Trident Hard Top is one seriously tough offshore weapon, constructed with a sturdy underfloor rib structure and 5mm bottomsides of marine grade aluminium.

Featuring the renowned Quintex Blade Hull and Flared Bow design, the sub-frame rib structure of the Trident is constructed with latitudinal ribs to reinforce strength and create a precise hull shape.

Stability is excellent as the Blade Hull cuts through swell like a knife and deflects spray for optimal performance while under way or at rest.

Available in 650 and 690 models, the Trident Hard Top design means you can enjoy your boat in all weather conditions; with a laminated hardened glass windscreen, sliding side windows and a standard windscreen wiper kit, your view is never interrupted.

The Hard Top design also features 6 new patent-pending ‘Reel Easy’ folding rod holders, which fold down individually thanks to a quick release pin mechanism, making it easy to stow and reach your rods.

The back deck sees a new live bait tank complete with viewing window and new external pickup which allows water to circulate through the tank whilst under way, keeping your live bait fresh and easy to keep an eye on.

Your fishing favourites are all standard features, including the new, wider and deeper bait station complete with cutting board, 5 rod holders, knife sheath and cup holders, while the 135L kill tank has plenty of room for those big catches, and is positioned across mid-ships to create optimal weight distribution.

Quintrex National Account Manager, Cameron Wood, said the Trident HT had been very carefully designed and extensively tested to ensure the best overall product for the offshore fisherman.

“The Trident Hard Top really is one tough plate boat; each one is built by our expert plate boat team and involves over 60 hours of welding, to give you an idea of how much detail goes into these boats.

“The checker plate floor is fully welded and the structure of the entire boat is re-enforced with a solid T-keel which is triple welded to the side sheet. You can really rely on these boats which is what you want when you’re offshore,” Cameron said.

The Quintrex Trident also features a twin-battery setup, transom door, seat boxes with extra storage, a self-draining tread plate floor and 4 welded rod holders, all as standard.

The Quintrex Trident is available as an Instant Boating Package complete with motor, Quintrex Trailer and a 3 year limited, factory warranty.


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