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Based on the worldwide success of the Rapala suspending Saltwater X-Rap, and following angler demand, Rapala has engineered an Australian-specific lure, the new Floating Saltwater X-Rap.

The adrenaline-pumping X-Rap slashbait has Xtreme attitude with its hard-cutting, aggressive-darting action, and is now coupled with an Australian-designed floating body. The integrated long casting system partners with an irresistible rattle and classic Rapala action. All internal body support and VMC terminal components have been upgraded to handle lure-crushing attacks and side-splitting boofs, ensuring your Rapala lure will be up to the task time after time.

Roll it slowly across a shallow weed bed, troll it around your favourite snags, bounce it off mid-water timber structure or burn it back with Xtreme action.

The Floating Saltwater X-Rap is available in 10cm and 12cm models, diving to depths up to 2m and now available in several exclusive never-before-seen Floating X-Rap finishes.


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