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Released in 2009, the MaxRap 13 was a flying success with long-distance casters worldwide; 2010 sees an expansion to this highly-accepted range. Introducing the MaxRap 11 and MaxRap 15; at 11cm/13g and 15cm/23g respectively, these new additions ensure MaxRap lures cover all bases when long-distance casting is required.

Tip to tail, everything about the MaxRap is premium. Designed for maximum casting distance, the MaxRap features an aerodynamic shape that combines with its patented internal MaxCast mechanism to deliver unbelievable distance in each cast. These lures are complemented with every imaginable maximum feature like laser-engraved scales, VMC® Spark Point hooks and superior quality components.

Rip it for darting, wild searching action or straight retrieve for hard-flashing wounded minnow Rapala wobble.


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