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Introduction by Dick Eussen

Jeff Reid began producing hand-made lures in North Queensland in the 1980s. Soon Reidy’s Lures became a byname, especially after Jeff and Sheryl moved to Darwin and built a lure factory at the junction of the Stuart and Arnhem Highway. The business was sold last year to Colin and Karen Burdon. They have added new lures and a range of outdoor clothing to the line-up — shirts, caps, stubbie coolers and more.

The recently introduced new lure range was achieved by scaling up and downsizing existing successful models. The amazing 13 cm B52 had been down sized to 10.5 cm, joining the 15 cm Big 52. The little B52 is an excellent surface plug for smaller tropical fishes — sooty grunter, saratoga, tarpon and jungle perch, and it is catching trout and golden perch in the south.Another successful transformation is the popular 9 cm Little Lucifer, now available in 7.5 and 11 cm, the latter having proved to be highly effective during recent trips to the Gulf country, and reports from the Top End suggest that this could be the next big thing.

The 16 cm Judge has been joined by a whopping 20 cm model, a good big casting lure for targeting big fish in the shallows, and trolling in shallow water. The other lure that is very effective is the J-Walker, a bibless surface plug for the shallows. Planned is the return of the popular Aqua Rat, which was dropped a few years ago. Reidy’s Lures also have the Daly Devil, Big Boss, Goulburn Jack, Taipan, Rattlesnake and a fantastic range of rubber lures — Reidy’s Shads. A range of amazing new colours have smartened up favourites and new models alike.

Reidy’s Lures continue to win many fishing tournaments in Australia. If you are in Darwin, visit Reidy’s Lure Factory and meet Colin and Karen, who are most happy to show you through the factory and the showroom and give you a few tips on what’s biting and where.


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