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What is the Reliefband?

This new game-changing device relieves nausea across a variety of causes, as well as the ability to stop motion sickness, which is the curse of many anglers wanting to head offshore. Worn on the wrist like a watch, this device sends a small electrical signal to the part of the brain that controls nausea. It is an amazing bit of tech that has been an FDA-approved device in the US now for several years. The device can also help to relieve the nausea symptoms related to morning sickness, some medications and cancer treatments.

Reliefband’s unique neuromodulation technology gently stimulates the median nerve on the underside of the wrist, using the body’s neural pathways to send messages to the brain telling it to stop nausea and vomiting. It works naturally, without drugs or side effects. Simply slip it on your wrist, adjust the intensity and it starts working within minutes.

Reliefband Sport

Reliefband® Sport is the first ever waterproof wearable of its kind. FDA-cleared, clinically proven, and doctor recommended, Reliefband® Sport reportedly treats nausea associated with motion sickness, sea-sickness, anxiety, morning sickness, hangovers, physician-diagnosed migraines, and chemotherapy.

Product Features

Worn on the underside of the wrist, the Reliefband® Sport is PX7 waterproof, battery rechargeable, and lasts approximately 25 hours of use on a full charge. It can be toggled between 6 different levels of therapy. The Reliefband® Sport Smart Sensing Technology preserves battery life and has stainless steel contacts. The pack includes one 7.5 mL tube (0.25 oz) of conductivity gel and one charging cable.

How to Use

First, locate the point in the wrist where the Reliefband® will be placed, about two finger widths from the crease in the wrist. This is where the median nerve is located. Apply a pea-sized drop of conductivity gel to the underside of the wrist, spreading it evenly in a circle, about the size of a large coin.

Place the Reliefband® on the wrist over the gel, with the contacts touching the skin.

Turn on the Reliefband® by pressing down on the power button for 3 seconds - this will power the device on to level 1.

Adjust the intensity by pressing the power button. You will feel a tingling in the hand and middle fingers, this is how you know it is in the right location. Adjust the intensity as needed. To turn off, press the power button for 3 seconds until all the lights are off again.


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