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Riding through the bush into the sunset is not always such a romantic experience, especially if you or one of your crew has the misfortune to come off and get hurt. That was the experience of entrepreneur Tracey Beikoff one summer afternoon as she was horse riding with friends. Watching her friend thrown from her horse and the subsequent injuries she sustained, Tracey was extremely glad that her invention, The Original Rescue Swag, was on hand.

Being fully portable, this ‘fit ‘n’ forget’ first aid kit was luckily attached to Tracey’s saddle on the day of the accident. She was able to administer first aid that assisted her friend until the professionals arrived. Having access to an instant ice pack, bandages and a triangular bandage, a badly-damaged arm was kept secure, still and cool. The end result was a much reduced level of pain and a much more comfortable patient. Made specifically for outdoors adventurers, the Original Rescue Swag is an award-winning, multi-purpose safety response kit. It boasts comprehensive first aid, as well as sling, splint and waterbag functions.


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