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Rhino Linings® spray-on polyurethanes and polyaspartics are unlike any other product on the market for boat floorings. Whilst foam, rubber and wood materials quickly deteriorate, and carpet does not provide any protection from rust and corrosion, Rhino Linings® offers the ultimate boat protection.

Protecting your boat from the wear and tear that comes with exposure to water and the elements can be a challenge. With the potential for corrosion and rust high, applying high-quality marine coatings prolongs the life of your boat.

Protection From Rust, Corrosion and Heat

In a marine setting, your vessel can easily succumb to the effects of water exposure, as well as prolonged UV exposure. To enjoy your boat longer, you’ll need to take measures to ensure it is protected. Rhino Linings marine coatings give you the protection you need to keep your vessel safe from the elements. The precision of the application process gets into all cracks and crevices to protect every area of the boat. Our environmentally-friendly products give you worry-free protection for vehicles, flooring and more.

Resistant To Heat and Long-Lasting

Not only will our coatings protect against water, but they also shield against harsh UV rays. That means you can protect the surface even longer. These extremely heat-resistant coatings are also impermeable — that means no water gets in!

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Benefits of Rhino Linings

• Protects the boat trailer from the corrosive effects of harsh weather, salt and rust.

• Forms an airtight and watertight seal, preventing rust and corrosion.

• Will not crack, split, tear or warp like rubber mats or wood floors.

• Fully covers wood, metal or fibreglass surfaces.

• Increases the resale value of the boat or trailer.

• Maintenance-free, easy to clean; no more sanding, repainting or tightening of screws.

• Helps insulate the vessel from noise and vibration.

• Environmentally friendly and not readily combustible.

• Easily accommodates all types and sizes of marine vessels.

Looking for the ultimate long-term protection for your boat flooring? Call Kev and the Rhino Linings Darwin team on 08 89812277 or 0438560547.


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