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RODLOK – Simple Yet Brilliant You know the sort of day, you wake up early, and the sun is brilliantly hot with golden rays beaming through your window. You can picture it, it is your favourite weather and to top it all off, you have the day off as well — a day for you! You dive in through your garage door. Through the filtered haze of sunlight your eyes immediately lock on the surf fishing gear. Right, you say to yourself, I am going fishing! But how am I going to carry my surf rods on my car to the beach? With a smile, you look at your new RODLOK Bonnet Mount proudly siting next to your fishing gear. Yes — RODLOK your Bonnet Mount is the answer. Your thoughts turn to how you tried to carry your rods with no roof rack and/or bull bar, back in the bad old days before you were introduced to RODLOK. RODLOK have invented the Bonnet Mount for those of us who want to throw a line in the water but who don’t have a 4WD or a vehicle with roof racks, and aren’t too keen on surf rods poking out of the side windows of their vehicle, doing 100km/h down the highway with a blue flashing light following you! The RODLOK Bonnet Mount (or Hood Mount for the Americans), is designed to magnetically attach to your vehicles steel Bonnet/ Roof / Door, or (when on the beach) even onto the lid of your icebox. RODLOK is the winner of Best Boating Accessory at the 2008 Australian Fishing Trade Association Tackle Trade Show, which recognises the best new products as judged by industry experts.

So how is the Bonnet Mount secured to the bonnet? Your thoughts drift to imagine your precious bonnet with a RODLOK Bonnet Mount attached to it… geez, what about the damage that will be caused to my bonnet?Here the RODLOK designers are one step (or maybe two steps) ahead of you. A PVC sheet attached to the magnet base protects your bonnet by separating the magnet from direct contact with the bonnet — the pliable PVC is the only part that actually touches your vehicle and the PVC is soft and easily cleaned. One golden rule for using the Bonnet Mount is to clean your bonnet and the Bonnet Mount PVC with a clean cloth to remove grit and grime, before placing the Bonnet Mount in position. For surface abrasion to occur the Bonnet Mount would need to move separately from the bonnet, but once the Bonnet Mount is placed into position it is not going to move or go anywhere. You won’t see a RODLOK Bonnet Mount being swished off of your car as the design performance strength of the magnet is extreme. So, how do you safely remove the Bonnet Mount? Smart design is always something to keep an eye out for and these guys’ designers, Infinity Design in Brisbane, have certainly got the nod of approval here. The Bonnet Mount’s design includes a hinge at one corner for lifting — the magnet is progressively separated from the bonnet to a point when the Bonnet Mount is easily and swiftly removed. If not lifted in accordance with the design corner lift, then the Bonnet Mount is near impossible to remove (but hey, if you want to apply enough force, like all parts of your vehicle, no doubt eventually you could make it release). Use it as designed and you will have years of enjoyment from the Bonnet Mount. How many fishing rods can the Bonnet Mount Carry? Two fishing rods with reels are cradled in separate interchangeable rod holders fixed within the Bonnet Mount; the designed seat of each of the RODLOK products parts is smart, streamlined and well just plain well done! RODLOK recommends that all fishing rods transported with the Bonnet Mount be secured at the tip of the fishing rods with the RODLOK Tip Holder. The Tip Holder incorporates the same magnetic pad technology to attach to the roof of the vehicle for securing the fishing rod tip. Alternatively you can secure to tip to a roof rack. With the rod tip secured the reels can be either stored in your vehicle until you arrive at your destination, or left on the rods. When you take a quiet moment and study the RODLOK Fishing Technology range, which we recommend you do, you get a feeling of the ocean wind with the deep blue calling out. RODLOK refers to their products as Fishing Technology, and the range is definitely unique with a huge market demand present for their gear.

Here we have another Australian-owned company, with an innovative Australian-designed product that is truly oceans ahead of other products in the market.


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