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Fishing rods are a pain in the butt when travelling and even during fishing. The innovative Rodlok carrying system reviewed by Dick Eussen could be the answer.

Rod Problems Solved Transporting long beach rods to the beach, or even short baitcasters in a small car, is a pain in the butt. However, the unique, but simple carrying system developed by Bruce Edwards of Rodlok makes carrying a rod in a boat or car a breeze. The system is set up with two parts, a removable rod holder that holds the rod securely and a boat or vehicle mount that fits it.

Rodlok Rod Holder The core of the system is the rod holder, which securely retains the fishing rod. In turn the holder fits four different boat and vehicle mounting systems. The holder is an extremely robust holder, which like the mounting clamps (excepting the Platinum) is made from industrial grade high impact Glass Filled Nylon (GFN), a virtually indestructible material.

Rodlok Boat Mounts This clamp is available in two models, the GFN and the Platinum. Both are attached to a boat rail. The GFN clamp is fully adjustable for up and down movement and ideal for mounting on a side rail, great for trolling, bottom fishing, or when in transit. The Platinum holder is non-adjustable, and is set at a desired angle when fitted. It is ideal for mounting on an overhead rocket-launch style rod carriage rail like those on light game boats.

Rodlok Mag Bonnet Mount Rod Holder This is a beauty and works on any vehicle. The holder is simple a magnetic rubber base pad that clamps securely onto metal. The base is easily removed by lifting a corner grip of the pad.

Rodlok Bullbar Rod Holder Rodlok is a vastly improved system that looks good on any vehicle fitted with a roo bar. The holder is simply a clamp that is retained on the bar with a bolt and nut. The rods are laid down across the vehicle roof and held in position by the Rodlok Rod Tip Holder, a magnetic rubber base pad similar to the Mag Bonner Holder.

Summary This is a great Australian invented rod carrying system that is long overdue. Bruce put much thought into it and has ensured that it is made to last a lifetime using the best materials available — stainless steel bolts, springs and GFN technology. Rodlok is robust and over-engineered, but this is a quality product designed to stand up to the rigors and abuse of field and water use. Visit or email for details of the nearest dealer and information about this quality product.


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