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Samaki has built its reputation on offering innovative high-quality rods designed specifically for Australia. Now it has developed a braid to suit current fishing techniques using lighter rods and lighter line to catch species like bream and whiting as well as pulling those big barramundi and mangrove jack out of heavy structure. Samaki Xtreme PE offers up to 8X abrasion resistance to standard PE fibres. It is constructed in Japan from one of the highest-quality Japanese dyneema fibres available. It features a tight, compact braid with an ultra-round profile for improved casting distance, higher sensitivity and extreme knot strength. Samaki Xtreme PE fibre layers are individually treated with a superior UV formula to create a soft line, as well as increasing long-term performance.

Samaki is known for its exceptional value for money and the Xtreme PE enters the braid market at RRP$39.95 for 150 yards. Lime Green and Dark Green colours are available in weights 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb and 50lb and spool sizes of 150 yards and 300 yards.


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