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Samurai rods, maker of the innovative Reaction range of estuary, bluewater and baitcasting rods, has launched the all new Kestrel range. The Kestrels are a dedicated range of bluewater rods built to the high standards you’d expect from Samurai.

When Samurai launched onto the market with the Reaction range in 2010, it set a benchmark for quality that many cannot match today. High quality Fuji components are at the core of the build, but it was the carefully crafted and balanced blanks which set the market alight. A true lightweight and strong rod, Samurai used hours upon hours of feedback from anglers all over the country to come up.

The new Kestrel range has been years in the making and features responsive graphite blanks suitable for everything from snapper to mackerel. Through trial and error, a special blend of advanced material and cutting edge building techniques have been combined to create light, super strong bluewater-specific spinning rod designs.

Using Mitsubishi Pyrofil cloth, with cloth weight selected specifically for each blank, we machine roll it under enormous pressure to produce an even blank diameter throughout the length of the rod.

Next Fuji components such as a HoneySoft reel seat and Titanium SiC, Silicon Carbide K Series guides are added to produce a fishing rod with no equal. The cutting edge K frame guides are designed specifically for modern braided lines, result in less guide tangles via their unique design and do not affect the feel of the blank.

These bluewater rods start with the 302 6-12lb and go all the way to the 602 25-40lb seven foot spin stick for dealing with the toughest fish you can find.


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