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Samurai Runoff are a specifically designed series built around quality Fuji K Series Alconite guides. With an abundance of enigmatic and desirable species such as the barra and bass, many anglers require specific outfits and rod lengths for such crafty work and now, thanks to Samurai, they have a series of targeted rods that are easy to manage with high end Fuji components.

The blank is responsive, light and comfortable and perfect for a range of fishing styles, all at that shorter length required for barra fishing in close quarters. Casting distance hasn’t been compromised which was a critical R&D point as Samurai moved through this design. The blank has been chosen to be responsive when casting lures, delivering accuracy and distance, while delivering low-down power for when the big one comes along. They are also exceptionally balanced for live baiting.

There are 6 rods in the series with the spin models at 6’0 and the baitcasters at 5’9.


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