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The Raptor Extreme is a V-nose punt dinghy with increased internal freeboard thanks to the higher sides and greater beam. Suited for river, creek and estuary fishing, boaties of all ages will find enjoyment out of this boat. Available in two models, the 355 and the 375, with 15hp and 20hp ratings respectively, the Raptor Extreme is a great choice for off-road and camping adventures. These dinghies can be put on a trailer or used as a cartopper, making it easy to access most remote areas. They come standard with grab rails for loading, anchor storage and a deep floor for comfort while on the water. In addition, this model has large front and rear bench seats with plenty of room in the centre for fishing and crabbing. The Raptor family consists of the Savage Raptor, Raptor Extreme and Raptor Pro. They range from 3.5m all the way up to 4.4m and are fit for every Australian. A versatile group of dinghies from an adventurer, to a work horse, from the rainforests in Northern Queensland, to the lakes across Western Australia. “Savage now has the most complete line-up of dinghies in Australia with the addition of the Raptor Extreme,” said Nick McCartney, National Sales Manager for Savage Boats. “This dinghy has the most volume in our car-topper line-up and is ideal for Australian Adventurers.” “I can picture this boat in so many places, whether it be for a kid who just graduated to a full-size dinghy, or a kid at heart who can’t get enough of the water,” said McCartney. The Raptor Extreme was first launched at the Melbourne International Boat Show.


RAPTOR 355     RAPTOR 375 Length maximum:      3.54m           3.75m Beam:                       1.53m           1.77m Depth:                       0.73m           0.87m Length on Trailer:       4.63m           4.63m Height on Trailer:        1.42m           1.42m Bottomsides:              1.60mm        1.60mm Topsides:                   1.60mm        1.60mm Transom Material:      1.60mm        1.60mm Transom shaft length: S/S S/S   or    L/S Weight (boat only):      84kg            92kg Max. HP:                    10hp             25hp** Main motor weight:     47kg             91kg** Number of people (basic): 2              3** **Short Shaft models are rated to max 20 HP, max motor weight 58kg and max 2 people (basic flotation).


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