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Since the launch of Sebile lures into Australia last year, the range of lures has proven to be very popular amongst anglers Australia wide. The innovative and unique range of designs and colours have impressed many anglers, but the range of lures is so big that many anglers have not known where to start when looking into the world of Sebile. To help solve this problem, Sebile Lures Australia has just launched a website specifically designed for Australian anglers. It features an interactive species guide, as well as a location guide, designed to help you choose the right lure for the right species or location.Sebile Australia’s manager, Damon Olsen, told us that “The range of Sebile lures is so unique and diverse that we knew we needed a pretty special website to showcase all the lures to Aussie anglers. The interactive species and location guides are an invaluable tool for anglers looking to choose the right lure for the right species or location. We want to make sure that people choose the best lure for the job, and catch heaps of fish on Sebile lures, and education about species and locations is a critical part of this process.” The website also features full details and expert advice about the entire range of Sebile Lures.


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