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Dometic Australia recently launched the new CaraD-600F Caravan door. The CaraD door heralds a new era in caravan doors. A key feature of the door is its highly-resistant safety mesh. Tested by an independent company in Germany, the door can withstand 180Joules of impact. This is well above the Australian recommended standard of 100Joules. This means you can let air into your caravan and know that your valuables are safe.

Another safety feature is the four-point locking system. The CaraD is reportedly the only door on the caravan market with a four-point locking system and an easy-to-operate chrome door leaver to help with safety and comfort when travelling.

The CaraD is modern in design and includes a stylish integrated blind, which also provides block out. It is available in two cut-out sizes (1750 x 622/1850 x 622) in both left hand and right hand hinge.


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