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by Sol Bannura

In Australia no other sportfish is surrounded by so much mystique as the mulloway. These often incredibly large fish are formidable opponents and are fervently pursued by anglers from all walks of life. However, even with the amount of information available on how and where to find them, still only a small number manage to catch them consistently; fewer still through the use of lures. This is because anglers are only getting half of the real story. Shadowing the Ghost of the Estuary fills in the gaps and tells the other half — the part about commitment and understanding how failure is an essential part of the learning process.

Sol Bannura shares his numerous encounters with a predator that rarely gives its presence away. He describes the various techniques mulloway use when stalking and subduing prey, allowing the reader to better appreciate their true physical capabilities. Sol’s advice on how to locate appropriate spots, when to fish them, and how to choose and operate the right equipment will also save prospective anglers considerable time and frustration.

Shadowing the Ghost of the Estuary is much more than a guide for catching a species of fish. It is the incredible life of a simple man, his devotion and commitment to recreational fishing, its teaching and his burning passion to learn more about all things fishy. In particular, it is a brave and unique examination of the psychology of anglers, linking their temperament, upbringing and culture with higher learning opportunities.

Written with a blend of unruffled composure, stunning intensity and candidness, this is a fascinating book for anyone interested in marine life and especially another dimension of recreational fishing. Sol’s many hilarious personal experiences will entertain you, the energy and honesty of his words will astound you, and the obvious favouritism he shows towards mulloway will help many gain a level of insight that is difficult to attain without years of reflective investment in the estuary.

Come and experience the world of a fishing nut, who must have a regular spinning fix or he will perish, whose everyday life and way of thinking is distorted by a need to evaluate new strategies, tinker with his equipment and set the wheels in motion for another adventure.


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