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Shimano Aero Ci4+ Spin Reel

Decreased weight and increased strength; that’s what you get with the new Shimano Aero CI4+ spin reel. Making use of Carbon Interfused Technology in the rotor and its compact body, this is a reel that’s a pleasure to use for long periods, but can really stick it to a fish when needed. Shimano’s legendary X-Ship system provides more efficient power transmission, a long-cast AR-C spool delivers improved casting performance, and Aerowrap II works with it to create a neater line lay on the retrieve, so greater casting distance without any wind-knots is the result. Six shielded A-RB bearings and one roller bearing keep everything moving smoothly inside, as you’d expect in a reel of this stature. With nine kilos of drag power up your sleeve and a line capacity of 240 metres of 15 pound Power Pro braid, the AeroCI4+ is going to develop a strong following in a variety of fisheries, from fresh to salt. There’s a choice of two models with different gear ratios — Aero CI4 4000, 4.8:1 for general-purpose work, and a faster Aero CI4 4000HG, 6.2:1 for situations where high speed is an advantage.


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