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The key to success with Shimano’s new Butterfly Flat-Fall jigs is to keep them in the strike zone for as long as possible. Clues from overseas anglers well versed in their use is to drop them to the bottom, crank up 30 feet or so, free-spool, then go again.

Thanks to a centre-balance design, Flat-Falls descend with a fluttering action in a horizontal plane, so expect to get bit on the drop as well as on the lift.

Each lure comes rigged with dual Owner SJ41 TN chemically-sharpened assist hooks on 250 pound Power Pro Spectra, providing secure hook-ups on a wide range of demersal and pelagic species.

There are six colours to choose from, some with the most amazing holographic finish, and four weights — 80, 100, 130 and 160g — which covers all your inshore and mid-depth micro-jigging needs.


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