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Shimano Revolution Coastal Spin Rods

Shimano’s all new Revolution Coastal Spin rods are equally at home in the surf as they are the rocks or even estuary break-walls.

Designed by Ian Miller, there are four rods to choose from in lengths from 2.74 to 3.96m and are built on TC 3 graphite blanks (Shimano’s famous TCurve material). Their seamless two-piece construction means they are hard to tell apart from single-piece rods. Pacific Bay reel seats are positioned ideally for use with spin reels, and well-spaced zirconium ring guides are used throughout the blanks to aid casting distance and accuracy. Revolution Coastal Spin rods also have the non-slip shrink-wrap grips reminiscent of Shimano’s earlier Tiralejo series, which are prefect for the harsh environments they’ll be used in.

So whether your targets are whiting from the beach or Spaniards off the stones, there’s a Revolution Coastal rod to suit.


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