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The Steve Starling (SSX) range of rods has always been extremely popular, due in no small part to the fact that these rods represent a collaboration between Starlo’s massive experience in the field and Ian Miller’s world-class rod designing talents. Starlo has put his reputation behind these rods and he uses them day in and day out!

Featuring a bright metallic blue paint job and new handle designs with painted blue Fuji reel seats, the SSX series brings even more value and aesthetics to the table than ever before.

New for 2010/11, the SSX Lucanus Medium (spin and overhead) rod has been designed to provide anglers with an excellent tool to fish the revolutionary Lucanus Jig System, which has the fish scoffing and gorging themselves like never before! Each of these Lucanus rods is 2.29m (7’6”) in length, rated for use with PE1-3 line and lure weights from 60 to150g.


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