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The equivalent of a Soviet tank cross Ducati motorcycle — the all new Talica delivers a high-speed, castable lever drag that will fast become a favourite of sport fishers around the world due to its compact physique and high-capacity versatility.

A one-piece cold forged (for extreme strength) and machined aluminium frame is treated with a proprietary surface process for cutting-edge corrosion protection. Shimano then added a lightweight cold forged aluminium spool, oversized HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) gears, waterproof carbon drag system and 6 S-ARB bearings for super-slick operation.

Capable of ultra-high drag pressures, the carbon drag system has been waterproofed (when engaged) to handle big sea sprays and splashes which become inevitable when fishing the stones or offshore dropping jigs.

The range features 4 sizes — 8, 10, 12, 16 available in both single* and 2-speed gearing.

* single speed model specification subject to change. Available first quarter 2010.


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