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Imagine a low-profile baitcaster which has a prodigious line capacity. Well that’s what you get with Shimano’s latest reel release: the Tranx. A giant baitcaster is an interesting concept, and you could be forgiven for thinking it would be unwieldy to use, but the Tranx’s low-slung shape and light weight (due to the use of a forged-and-machined aluminium spool, frame and sideplate) means it’s a pleasure to use for long periods. Shimano’s EI anti-corrosion surface treatment means the Tranx is well suited to the harshest saltwater fishing scenarios, such as casting lures and live baiting for mackerel and tuna, jigging and trolling, spinning rock walls, drifting deeper reefs — anywhere that a tough, dependable baitcaster is needed. The Tranx holds a whopping 420m of 24kg Power Pro braid, and with the Dartanium II drag system, it’s possible to dial up 12kg of fish-fighting power when needed. There are two models to choose from, with different gear ratios depending on your fishing style: the 500HG with 6.6:1 for an all-out pace attack, or the gruntier 500PG with a more modest 4.6:1 retrieve speed. X-Ship double-bearing-supported pinion gear and High Efficiency Gearing (HEG), combined with the big, beefy but lightweight handle, certainly provide plenty of cranking power. The presence of Super Free eliminates friction on the spool shaft so you’ll be casting lures and baits into the next bay, while Cast Control and Shimano’s legendary VBS Braking System means even tyro baitcaster users can be going cast-for-cast with the guns in no time at all.


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