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Simrad Yachting Wireless Network Solution


Simrad Yachting now has a wireless networking solution: GoFree™ Wireless. Combining user-friendly wireless software and rugged marine grade hardware, the GoFree Wireless solution consists of the GoFree Viewer and Control App and the Simrad WIFI-1™ wireless gateway. Enabling wireless connectivity between Simrad NSS Multifunction Displays (MFD) and tablets and smartphones, GoFree Wireless offers fishermen an exciting new level of navigational control.

Designed for use with the Apple iPad™, the powerful GoFree Controller app allows boaters to control Simrad NSS functions, in real time, from anywhere on a boat. Replicating the NSS display, the app enables zooming and panning, radar control, StructureScan™, sonar operation and full interactivity with SonicHub™ entertainment options.

Enabling multi-user access from anywhere on a vessel, the GoFree hardware supports simultaneous connectivity with multiple devices. For added security and safety, access to the WIFI-1 can be restricted with a network access password through the Simrad NSS menu so that control levels and permissions can be managed for each connected device. GoFree also undertakes a marine industry first, with a new, open development environment. By using the Simrad WIFI-1 to create a powerful data bridge, Simrad NSS system data can be shared via open protocol to a range of third party PC and Mac navigational software and iOS apps, such as iNavX™, iRegatta and Rosepoint Coastal Explorer, to name a few.

The WIFI-1, a mere 2.05-inches (52 mm) deep and 6.76-inches wide, minimises the space required for installation and draws a scant 200mA at 12V. The Simrad WIFI-1 is water resistant and protected by the Simrad Advantage program.


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