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When the first Spy Point camera hit the market in Australia, consumers were confused by the technology and the value. Free, motion- activated photos, sent to your phone for the life of

the product, with no sim and nothing more to pay seemed like an offer too good to be true.

Wind forward two years and the Link Micro LTE is the world’s best- selling outdoor camera and is still surprising consumers with its ease of use and value. With a retail of around $350, this camera with a built-in sim will send 100 photos free per month to your phone.

It’s really simple: Spy Point build cameras for each area of the world, negotiate with

the local carriers and the result is you can put these cameras anywhere with mobile service and they will send you photos for security, hunting or any other purpose you desire.

The batteries in the camera last around 3 weeks depending on the amount of action. When the popularity of the camera took off, the smart folks at Spy Point then

realised that there are so many non-cellular cameras already on the market. What they did then was a game changer: they created a cell link that turns any motion- activated camera with a SD card into a cellular camera and yes, you guessed it, it is the same deal as the Micro LTE and includes free photos delivered to your phone.

This year, the new introduction to the range is a Link Micro S; the S stands for solar so this now gives you the ability to leave the camera on your farm, favourite hunting spot, moored boat or anywhere else you need motion-activated photos for up to six months. Yes, 100 photos will keep rolling in for free every month and, depending on the available sunshine, the solar unit will keep going for up to six months backed by a new lithium battery pack.

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