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The just-released Squidgy Secret Weights are designed to conceal the weight inside the plastic’s body, allowing the lure to be skipped under jetties, boat hulls, pontoons, and areas that a conventional jig head dare not go. The Squidgy signature wire keeper is used, and coupled with an ultra-sharp, fine gauge VMC hook, offers strength with maximum penetration. Secret Weight jig heads feature a high tow point that offers the versatility to work the lure along the surface or over oyster racks, while the weight provides the perfect lure balance and action as your Squidgy sinks back into the strike zone. The finishing touch is a fluorescent yellow/orange coating to the weight that glows softly through the translucent bodies of Squidgy tails to impersonate a small bait fish stomach cavity. Ranging in weights of .5gm through to 1.5gm, the Secret Weight system is the ultimate finesse solution.


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