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Stabi Craft


Down-under boats built to stay on top

It’s when you’re in the very worst of situations that you really need the best. That was the thinking behind the first Stabi-Craft Marine rescue boat when we built it 19 years ago and it’s just as true today.

Because we’ve been building blokes’ boats from the start it’s a given that we won’t skimp on construction quality or handling just to keep up appearances. We reckon nothing looks better than quality, which is why we don’t grind off our top welds (and quietly, we reckon if their joins looked half as good our competitors wouldn’t either).

Super Cab to basic tinny every boat in our range has a built-in life-ring to comply with the top standard of the Australian Builders Plate, and all have the incredible on-water stability our boats are named for.

Stabi-Craft are safe to take just about anywhere — the positive buoyancy and stability inherent in our hull design means they’ll outperform much bigger boats in both rough and smooth conditions.

You won’t find a manufacturer who recommends putting their boats to extremes. We don’t either, but at Stabi-Craft we plan for it anyway because we’ve learned there’s no limit to the tests Stabi drivers will put their boats too.

Take Billy Blakeborough who after 5-years at the helm of his 4.3 metre Stabi-Craft thought nothing of taking it on a 593 nautical mile round trip of the Three Kings Islands off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island earlier this year.

“At the end of the day, when the big boats are sinking, they all jump onto the little pontoon boat, don’t they,” he rationalised.

We’re leaders in safety — in 2001 we were among the first to adopt CPC certification — an independent engineering certification of the hull structure plus independent factory audit of build compliance and safety item fit out to international standards.

Our aluminium-alloy welders are certified to exacting UK standards and all our boats come with our comprehensive international warranty. We’re also able to build to AU Survey standards for Commercial Vessels.

When Brisbane based Allstate Boat Licensing and Training owner Darryl Greentree picked Stabi-Craft for his fleet it was because he said they had everything – from safety, performance and handling to professional looks.

“Most boats are a compromise in some area, but with a Stabi-Craft I’m not giving up anything.”

We were the first builders of positive buoyancy pontoon boats and we still reckon we do it best. Let’s face it; no-one’s had more experience than us.

Our slim-line generation II pontoon means there’s no compromise on deck-space. When we added Vibra-stop kits to our larger models last year they became as quiet as, if not mice, at the very least glass boats.

We’ve expanded to meet demand many times – today we’ve got 24 standard models over four ranges.

For off-shore (or nasty weather) we’ve got our range of Super Cabs — including our Best of Breed, the massive 859 Super Cab Super Fish’r with its awesome blue water fishing range that will take you from Darwin Harbour to the shoals hunting down giant monkfish, jewfish and golden snapper.

We designed the Frontier with the barramundi fishers of the Northern Territory in mind with open styling and generous freeboard, right down to built in casting platforms.

Whether it’s up South Alligator or down the Daly, you’ll be able to see where the fish are rising from the operating console at the centre of the boat and their lighter weights mean they’re great to tow, and get the maximum power from the outboard.

We used to think we had the worst waters in the world on our own doorstep. It turned out that was a bit of an exaggeration.

Australia’s Bass Strait in the Southwest had an equally chilling reputation, and even when the waters are warm there are plenty of good reasons (most of them hungry ones with teeth) to stay on top.

It’s been a while coming, but after 19 years in the business we reckon we can finally say we’ve also stood the test of time.

For more information on the Stabi-Craft range, and to find a dealer near you.


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