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A true fishing machine, the 529 Assault Pro Tournament is equipped to not just enter fishing competitions, but to win. Summer is here, dealers are exploding with stock and it is Australia’s favourite time of the year to get out on the water.

The front and rear carpet casting areas have enough space for multiple mates to fish at all angles and are extremely versatile. Fishermen can land lures exactly where they are supposed to be with the 529 Assault Pro Tournament. Standard with useful accessories, the 529 Assault Pro Tournament comes fitted with a Thruster Plate Bow Mount ready to be fitted with the latest electric trolling engine. Fishermen with a large quiver will be able to easily store and organise their rods in the centre underfloor storage compartment. Equipped with the Revolution Hull, Stacer’s latest technology is an innovative design. The pressed hull increases strength by 50% and the stretch-formed shape creates an extremely smooth ride. This in combination with a raised chine keeps you and your fellow navigators safe in rough conditions and following seas. All Stacer boats are Ready 2 Go to the water and are the most simple, turn-key packages. Keeping you on the water is Stacer’s five year warranty, a guarantee that you will be safely boating for years to come. Cameron Wood, National Sales Manager of Stacer Boats, said: “When you are out with the mates and the bite is on, the 529 Assault Pro Tournament is the best, most versatile choice to get to the best fishing spot.” Cameron elaborated on his experience with the fishing machine: “Armed with a 150hp outboard, the 529 Assault Pro Tournament will be the front runner of every fishing situation.” KEY SPECIFICATIONS

Beam: 2.03m Bottomsides: 3.00mm Depth: 0.88m Height on Trailer: 1.42m Length Maximum: 4.35m Length on Trailer: 5.50m Main Motor Weight: 121kg Max. HP: 50hp Number of People (Basic): 4 Topsides: 2.00mm Transom Material: 3.00mm Transom Shaft Length: L/S Weight (boat only): 290kg


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