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The Stella Saltwater (SW) series has raised the benchmark for quality in the high-end spinning reel market. Shimano engineers have maintained the trademark operational smoothness of the range and achieved a significant increase in gear durability. This enhancement is called Paladin and features a cold-forged main gear and low wear-rate stainless steel pinion. Even more impressive is the fact that each model has received a decrease in overall weight, which equates to more comfortable use. Another essential component is the Propulsion Line Management System, putting an end to virtually all line twist and wind knot issues. Then there’s Propulsion Spool Lip with exclusive anti-scratch coating, the ultra tough SR One-Piece Bail system, SR Arm Cam, a re-designed Bail Trip, and Power Roller IV with over-flange for the ultimate in line protection.The SW Concept provides a water resistant body and hyper disc drag (twin disc on 18000 and 20000), Assist Stopper (except on the 5000) and a lightweight ergonomic handle. All models feature an even tougher re-enforced bail and rotor, stopperless design, Fluidrive II, Dyna-Balance and aluminium frame, rotor and sideplate.


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