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Sufix Tru-Braid is a new generation braided line that exceeds all of your expectations. By using 2nd generation Dyneema fiber, Sufix Tru-Braid brings maximum strength and control for anglers. Tru-Braid incorporates the latest Corona Fusion Colouring Technology to ensure colour retention, and intensity eclipses all previous expectations. Tru-Braid also uses Sufix’s exclusive Y6 Braiding system which produces a rounder, smoother, thinner and quieter line.  Your fishing success will soar with this new ultra-supreme braided line. Available in 150 and 300 yard spools in both Hi-Vis yellow and Platinum from 6lb to 50lb. A free Rapala key ring is also included with every spool of Tru Braid for a limited time.


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