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The Bradley Digital Food Smoker

The Bradley Digital Smoker is designed to smoke a range of meat and food products. Temperature, time and smoke are completely controllable so you can decide how much smoke, how long your food is going to be smoked for, and at what temperature. The new Bradley Digital Smokers offer an easier and better way to automatically roast, smoke and barbecue in the outdoors. There are a variety of electric smokers, smoking accessories, smoking bisquettes, smoking cures, smoking rubs, seasonings, and sauces. Whether you’re a hunter, fishing pro, or a weekend foodie warrior, food smoking is a great way to enhance the flavour of foods. The Bradley Digital Smoker is available with 4 or 6 racks. They feature powder epoxy steel outer and a polished stainless steel interior for ease of maintenance. Powered by 240v the cooking element is rated at 500watts and the smoking element 125watts. Warranty is 12 months from original purchase date.


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