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Total Knife Care’s  award-winning  Professional Sharpener (KE-3000) is designed for the  recreational hunter or fisherman wanting  the ultimate cutting edge.

Sharpening is achieved by two closed-cell rubber-covered wheels, each carrying endless abrasive belts. The left wheel sharpens the left side of the blade and the right wheel, the right side. The cushion contact system produces a razor-sharp, smooth cutting edge which does not require a honing steel.

You’ll also find that your knives sharpened with the Nirey will keep their edge for a long time.

During sharpening, the knife is supported at the correct angle by the central guide. Cleaning and replacement of the abrasives is simple, taking less than 
1 minute. Other than this, there is no maintenance required. The Nirey KE-3000 comes fitted with fine abrasive belts mounted on the carrier wheels.

NIREY KE-3000 KNIFE SHARPENER Style:     Electric knife sharpener with two grinding wheels Manufacturer:     Nirey, Japan Local agent:     Total Knife Care, Other models:     KE-198 Recreational and KE-280 Commercial RRPs:     KE-198 - $159.50, KE-3000 - $333.30, KE-280 - $492 Comments: Nirey sharpeners use aluminium oxide belts on sharpening wheels for fast, heat-free sharpening. A full range of spares and replacement parts is available from the Australian stockist. This knife sharpener takes a few quick practice runs to master but, once you do, you’ll never have blunt knives again…ever! A truly exceptional piece of kit for the angler, hunter, outdoorsman or keen chef.


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