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Navico has announced the launch of its next-generation sonar imaging system: the LSS-2 StructureScan® HD. Compatible with Lowrance HDS and Simrad NSS, NSE and NSO multifunction displays, the StructureScan HD sonar imaging module offers a new dimension in underwater, picture-like displays for more productive fishing, diving, and search and recovery. The StructureScan HD is claimed to be based on the innovation of the world’s first-and-only true DownScan Imaging™ technology. Combined with side-scan imaging, the StructureScan HD includes an enhanced transducer design that features three dedicated signals for crisp, clear views to the left, right and directly beneath your boat. The full-panoramic, picture-like returns now have sharper images of structure, fish, thermoclines and more. The new StructureScan HD system also aims to deliver a significant increase in side-scanning range capability. With the original StructureScan model, boaters and anglers have to choose between side-scanning farther with less detail and scanning with less range to achieve greater detail. Now, with StructureScan HD, users should experience greater side-scanning range with no loss in resolution. That means anglers and boats can cover more water faster, saving time and fuel while searching for productive areas for fishing, diving search and recovery and more. When paired with the Lowrance HDS Gen2, StructureScan HD also supports the StructureMap™ view — a powerful tool that allows users to overlay and save sidescan sonar images directly on a chart in real-time, or create StructureMap charts for a complete and detailed underwater view all around the boat. The StructureScan HD sonar imaging module is protected by a two-year limited warranty, and backed by the five-year Advantage Service Program. The StructureScan HD sonar imaging module is on the market at RRP of AU$799.00 for the model that includes transom mount transducer. Other transducer options are also available.


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