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The Quintrex Freestyler


The Quintrex Freestyler

Telwater revealed that the Quintrex Freestyler has now overtaken the Quintrex Cruiseabout as Australia’s favourite bowrider. Since March 2017, boaties across the country have been enthralled with the new innovative Apex hull design. Engineered for family fun, the Freestyler is equipped with the Apex hull, a cutting-edge design. This exclusive technology increases enjoyment on the water by making it safer, drier and smoother. When under way, the Apex hull has a sharp entry for predictable and comfortable handling. Once the water has been pierced by the keel, water will deflect across the flared bow until it hits the chine where it gets deflected downwards providing a cushion in rough seas. The modern design of the Freestyler not only looks good, but also turns heads out on the water. It is the driest bowrider available; the shape of the Apex hull directs water downwards and away keeping it out of the boat. A Quintrex representative said that Marine innovation can be seen in our factory, which is equipped with the latest custom marine-specific machinery. Recently we installed a brand new multi-million-dollar aluminium stretch former. This machine is what allows Quintrex to be the only manufacturer which can build the Apex Hull. “Quintrex is Australia’s premium boat brand; other companies struggle to compare to the family boat builder’s quality and craftsmanship,” said a Quintrex spokesperson. The Freestyler has a smooth ride. With a seating capacity of 7, everyone can comfortably enjoy the soft riding Apex Hull. It is ideal for all situations, coming standard with useful fishing features and available upgrades. This boat is great for fishos who want to place importance on catching the big one without compromising any family enjoyment. “When I reflect on the busy boat show season, it pleasures me to think of all the smiles on families when they first sit down in the Quintrex Freestyler,” says Drew Jackson National Sales Manager for Quintrex Boats. “The happy families just fit perfect in this boat.” “Every time I hand over the keys and life jackets, I know families are going to enjoy their time on the water,” Jackson says with a smile. “Up till now, the Quintrex Cruiseabout was Australia’s best-selling bowrider and has been for over 5 years,” said Jackson. “Today the Quintrex Freestyler, sporting the Apex Hull, has officially surpassed sales of the ever so popular Cruiseabout – a magnificent milestone.”


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