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A TJM winch is a wonderful risk-management tool when venturing to remote locations and upping the stakes of your 4WD adventure. TJM winches operate using a rotating drum system with super-strength wire. Catering to different vehicle weights, TJM winches can be fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle, then attached to nearby trees, rocks or TJM ground anchors.

Stringently tested and utilising the highest standards in engineering design and manufacturing, you can count on a TJM winch when you’re in trouble. For those who enjoy a challenge, owning a TJM winch provides you with the freedom to visit more places. When you’re off the beaten track, stuck and lacking traction, it’s not always as simple as relying on a mate with traction to bale you out. Steep inclines and muddy conditions are problematic and adding a second vehicle to the dilemma doesn’t help anybody. Using a TJM winch, with a cordless remote for added safety, is a much better way to retrieve your vehicle successfully.



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