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Tonic Eyewear


It’s hard to believe a year has passed since Tonic Eyewear burst into the fishing arena with its range of high-quality polarised sunglasses designed specifically for anglers. In this short space of time the Tonic brand has been embraced by the fishing community with both recreational and commercial fishers amazed by the clarity and increased colours provided by these state of the art optics.

To celebrate its first birthday, Tonic has released two new models to the range – The EVO and the RUSH. Both of these new models feature Tonic’s Quad Colour high-contrast polarised lens and are de-centreed to provide distortion-free vision unlike any other. The new frames feature a matt black finish and are available in grey or copper photochromic glass. Prescription lenses are also available on request.

Another great feature unique to Tonic’s EVO and RUSH models is the new Quick Catch detachable cord system. This simple yet effective clip system allows you to quickly remove your cord when not fishing or no longer in danger of losing your precious sunnies overboard.


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