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Minelab’s EQUINOX 600 and 800 detectors give you the ability to detect on any soil and find any target, plus they’re waterproof to 3 metres.

Along with being one of the best places in the world to explore, Australia has potential to offer the humble traveller more than vast landscapes and picturesque beaches — simply by looking beneath the surface.

Thanks to Minelab, an Australian-based manufacturer of metal detectors with over 30 years’ experience, the pastime of metal detecting has taken a giant leap into the adventurer’s kit. It has changed from a specialist role, out of reach of the general population, to a pastime that is accessible to all modern adventurers while on or off the beaten track.

Where you go detecting is limited only by your imagination and can extend from your own backyard to the secluded outback.

No matter where you may find yourself, the versatility of the Australian terrain makes Australia ideal for various types of metal detecting. Inland Australia has a rich history of precious metals and gold deposits. Our coast, with its picturesque and busy city beaches, offers an opportunity to find buried treasure for anyone with the right amount of enthusiasm. Where you go detecting is limited only by your imagination and can extend from your own backyard to the secluded outback.

Like with fishing, it all starts with having the right equipment. With innovation as their main driver, the latest range of detectors in the Minelab arsenal are the EQUINOX 600 and 800 detectors, with the ability to be used on any soil and find any target. Designed with the user in mind, the EQUINOX is an intuitive and easy to master detector for beginners, enabling anyone to pick up and detect with results. The EQUINOX is suited for all environments and excels under water, being waterproof up to 3 metres. Featuring a multi-frequency signal transmission called Multi-IQ, the EQUINOX enables the user to detect more metals in various types of soils and depths without the need to know specifics about ideal frequencies and ground settings.

The EQUINOX puts the best technology into the hands of treasure hunters and adventurers, enriching them in many ways. Whether you want to uncover history, find lost treasure, or earn money gold prospecting, give the Minelab EQUINOX and dirt fishing a go on your next trip.

Minelab metal detectors have dealers located all around Australia and the world for training and support. There are many online communities, instructional videos, detecting clubs and more to help you out as you learn the ropes with detecting.

Visit for more information and tips for how to get started. Good luck out there discovering our past, and finding a fortune.


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