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The Ugly Fish Hurricane sunglasses feature super lightweight Sports TR-90 frames. This material is the ultimate choice when the best is what you demand. It is perfectly suited to all climates, hot or cold, making it a great choice for sports enthusiasts. Being lightweight and highly flexible is what makes TR-90 frames so comfortable for all day wear. TR-90 frames have the following features:

• Remarkably tough  • High resistance to UV damage  • Highly Flexible • Exceptionally resistant to chemicals •Stress crack resistance  • High heat tolerance  • Maximum impact strength makes them shatterproof

Featuring Smoke Grey or Amber Brown Lenzes, with bifocal lenzes available in +1.50. +2.00 & +2.50 powers. The Bifocal Lenz is infused as part of the main polarized lenz. This makes them invisible when you wear your sunglasses. A fantastic feature that doesn’t make you feel odd or out of place! The Nylon Polarized Lenz has an anti-scratch coating on both sides as well as Anti Reflective (AR) coating on the back to further absorb and block back glare. It is a polarized lenz with 100% UV protection.

With every pair you also get a Sports Zip Case and Microfibre Pouch and Lifetime Warranty.

Several models are available in this range, check out the full range online.


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