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Dual Zone Freezer, Fridge & Dairy all in one

Australia’s most popular kompressor fridge/freezer just got even better!Now available in Dual Zone configuration – fridge, freezer and dairy all at the same time, the CF-50DZ now provides and additional option, whilst still in the same dimensions as the standard CF-50.  Easy and practical, it fits everything you need for the road!

Environmentally friendly, CF-50DZ features premium quality ozone friendly insulation and due to its extremely low power consumption, it is ideal for solar power operation.  Special electronics switch automatically between turbo and economy mode so that the preset temperature is reached fast and then maintained in an energy-efficient way.

Made out of tough polypropylene and featuring a German made Danfoss BD35F compressor, this fridge/freezer is built to last.  It also features 3 stage battery protection, a soft touch operating panel with a robust membrane keypad and secure locking mechanism for those times when the tracks get a little (or a lot) bumpy!  Loaded with great features, there are also a number of handy accessories to choose from to optimise the performance of your fridge/freezer.

With the CF-50DZ you can have all the comforts and convenience of your household fridge and freezer in the outdoors. So, make yourself at home with the smarter way to cool and check out the CoolFreeze CF-50DZ from WAECO.

CoolFreeze CF-50DZ Dual Zone Dimensions:    D360 x W630 x H480 mm (W760 including handles) Weight:    20 kg approx. Capacity:    Divider in: 47L Total (includes 13L freezer) Divider out:    49L Total Power Source:    12/24V DC + 240V AC Temperature Range:    Up to 50°C below ambient Warranty:    3 years on everything, 5 years on the compressor motor Kompressor:    German made Danfoss BD-35F RRP:    $1149


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