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Waeco PerfectPower CanSize Inverter MCI-100-12

Now you can hit the road with 240 volts AC in your car and USB output all in one! Perfectly round, the PerfectPower CanSize inverter has the same outer dimensions as a can of drink. It has its firm and secure place in the drink holder of your car, making it easily accessible anytime.  The inverter now comes standard with a USB fitting allowing you to recharge your modern gadgets.  As before, and for your peace of mind, thermal overload, electronic short circuit protection as well as automatic low voltage shutdown are included. Just think, you can re-charge your phone, tablet computer, MP3 player or camera whilst on the go without having the inconvenience of waiting until you get back to the office to reply to a call or email or go back home to use your device.


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