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Waeco Portable Solar


Do you enjoy free camping or travelling to remote places where power is not available? WAECO Portable solar panels are now available to take you to places where you could not go before without the stress of wondering whether or not your car battery can handle your needs. New to the WAECO range, WAECO Portable solar panels have been designed with many features and come in two sizes: 80 and 120 watts making them suitable while camping or caravanning and on camper trailers, RVs and boats…or anything else with a 12 volt system.

This alternate power source that you can use to charge your batteries utilises high-performance monocrystalline silicon modules. Monocrystalline panels are more efficient in converting sunlight to usable energy compared to other technology and have a longer life span.

WAECO Portable solar panels come with an inbuilt 10 amp rated heavy-duty voltage regulator which acts as a smart switch between the battery and the solar panels and will ensure your battery charge is kept to a maximum. Built with a battery temperature sensor, it will maintain your battery once it has been fully charged with no risk of damage from overcharging.  Without a battery temperature sensor, battery performance can be impaired and life expectancy reduced.

The frame is made from aluminium and the panels come with strong adjustable feet allowing you to freely adjust the panels for optimum angles to the sun.  Not only do they fold up easily and are compact, WAECO Portable solar panels come with a sturdy carry handle for easy portability and two latches to hold the panels together when folded and in storage. To protect your WAECO Portable solar panels, they come with a protective carry bag for storage and with a large front pocket to keep all plugs and leads safe.

SPECIFICATIONS PS80 Voltage: 12 volts Input rating: 80 watts Weight: 10kg (including cables and carry bag) Dimensions:W534 x H610 x D70mm folded

PS120 Voltage: 12 volts Input rating: 120 watts Weight: 14kg (including cables and carry bag) Dimensions:W534 x H610 x D70mm folded


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