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Yamaha Innovations for 2007

Yamaha has once again made their presence felt across a range of marine products and services for 2007. From the latest release 4-stroke portable outboards and innovative rental finance services to sophisticated digital network communication systems and the F250A powerhouse, Yamaha continues to set the benchmark for marine product excellence.


Yamaha has boosted the range of portable 4-Stroke outboards with the release of the new F15C and F20B models.

Bolstering the ranks of the most popular outboard segment on the market, the two Yamaha outboards share the same new powerhead configuration and are set to score points from a broad boating market that demands smooth operation, complete efficiencies and dependable power.

Sharing the same 362cc, SOHC, 2 cylinder engine block, both new Yamaha models utilise CDI microprocessor ignition and are available in short and long shaft configurations. The new model F20B slots neatly between Yamaha’s F25 and the popular F15 four-stroke outboard engines, while the F15C supersedes the current F15 323cc model.

Handling the new release portable 4-Strokes is easy with either forward steering controls or Yamaha’s exclusive multi-function tiller handle. Boasting a Power Trim & Tilt switch, ergonomic design and longer throttle grip plus easily accessed key and stop switch, the Yamaha tiller handle is the ideal way to get the most out the new release F15C and F20B portable outboards.

Punching well above its weight, the new Yamaha F15C is poised to shake up the world of portable 4-stroke outboard engines. By sharing the same engine as the larger output F20B, the new F15C outboard has excellent low-down torque from a lightweight power head.

Offering manual tilt operation only plus electric or manual start, the Yamaha F15C weighs in at 51.7kg and produces 15hp (11kW) at an improved 5000-6000 rpm range. Yacht and cruiser tenders, rescue RIBs and commercial fishing tinnies will appreciate the added torque from the lightweight and unassuming profile of the new F15C engine.

The new Yamaha F20B arrives with four model designations, all delivering 20hp (14.7kW) from a maximum rev range of 5000 to 6000 rpm. Power tilt is now offered on the F20B along with manual or electric start. The new power tilt F20BEP and F20BEHP weigh in at a scant 60.7kg while the manual tilt F20BMH comes in at 53.7kg.


Yamaha has also redefined the boundaries of engine technology and reliability with the release of the F250A four-stroke powerhouse.

From its ground-breaking F200A/F225A siblings, Yamaha has further refined its four-stroke technology to produce one of the quietest, most advanced and most fuel efficient four-stroke outboards in the world today.

Offering more innovative features than any other four-stroke outboard on the market, the F250A is set to impress not only the recreational boating fraternity, but also the dedicated commercial operators who simply want performance and reliability from an economical and low-maintenance engine platform.

Under the sleek Yamaha cowling profile lies a V6 block displacing 3352cm3. This package generates 250hp horsepower at the prop shaft. Boasting four valves per cylinder for greater air intake, the F250A delivers constant, unrelenting torque throughout the entire rev range.

Yamaha’s sophisticated Electronic Control Module (ECM) is the driving intelligence behind the F250A and controls the technology which sets this new-release outboard apart.

The electronically controlled single throttle valve system, a first for Yamaha, enables precise control over the air intake, which is directed smoothly into each combustion chamber for greater power. This dramatically boosts torque right through the rev range.

In another first for Yamaha, new Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) both increases and decreases the camshaft timing according to the engine rpm. The VCT increases the intake and exhaust efficiency throughout the low to mid range rpm band to deliver optimum engine performance.

Yamaha’s newest release F250A has been engineered to perform effortlessly day in, day out with almost all elements of engine operation monitored and controlled electronically to prevent even the slightest detection of engine wear or malfunction.

The ECM receives input from nine sensors located around the engine and warns the operator of any impending problems. Should any sensors fail, Yamaha’s Fail Safe System keeps the engine running.

For additional strength and durability demanded by commercial operators, the new F250A features lightweight forged pistons and a sophisticated heat-treated crankshaft and connecting rods. Yamaha added the simplicity of a single-belt drive system with less moving parts, Multi-Point Fuel Injection for optimum all weather operation and a high-output alternator for peace of mind.

Boater concerns of engine temperature, amp output and oil pressure are a thing of the past thanks to Yamaha’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) keeping a watchful eye on engine operation. A large internal waterproof cowling further reduces water intake to electrical components. Counter-rotating technology on the new Yamaha F250 completes the hard-working performance picture, for both recreational boaters and commercial users alike.

Enjoying the crisp, fresh air on the water is an essential appeal of pleasure boating. Ultra clean operation is achieved through a blow-by gas re-burning system which removes any unburned fuel from the blow-by gases and sends it to the combustion chamber to be burned.

Whisper-quiet operation is assured through the large intake silencer and the noise suppressing Labyrinth exhaust system. Such refined engineering ensures a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy and drastically reduces exhaust emissions to CARB 3 star levels.

Back at the ramp at the end of a day on the water, the front-mounted freshwater flushing device offers convenient engine flushing without turning the key. The compelling list of new technologies featured in the new F250A all adds up to a Yamaha-powered, hassle-free boating experience that will leave all red-blooded boaters yearning for the weekends!

Digital Network Gauge

New for 2007, Yamaha has launched a sophisticated digital network system utilising the latest Yamaha 6Y8 Digital Network Gauge for all Yamaha EFI 4-stroke and HPDI outboards; standard equipment on 115 to 250hp 4-stroke and all HPDI models. Also compatible as an option with all other EFI 4-stroke outboards 50hp to 100hp.

Monitoring all facets of cruise information, engine performance and on-board diagnostics, Yamaha’s new communication system is a Controlled Area Network (CAN) which interconnects the engine with peripheral devices such as electronics and transducers into one highly advanced digital network. Through complete system integration, boat operators can now monitor all major boat information streams with fewer engine gauges and fewer wires.

The newly developed Yamaha 6Y8 Digital Network Gauges are the first link in the new Digital Network System. Offering variable gauge illumination in a large square format, the Digital Network Gauges deliver integral fuel flow management, engine water temperature, battery and trim levels and engine warning information.

Ranging from 6 to 36 display options, the new gauges are user selectable and offer multi-function capabilities with single speedometer, tachometer, fuel management or combination speed and fuel gauge. When fitted to an operational transducer, the application of the Yamaha 6Y8 Digital Network Gauges are further enhanced with water pressure, speed, water depth and water temperature information readout.

Through Yamaha’s digital network, modern day boating has become simpler, safer and easier to manage.

YMF Online Pre-Approval

Yamaha Motor Finance (YMF) has also advanced its services to offer Yamaha customers an online, pre-approval loan facility. Making it even easier to secure finance, the YMF Pre-Approval facility is available for Yamaha outboard and Yamaha powered boat/motor/trailer packages.

The new YMF Loan pre-approval facility is designed to give Yamaha customers the time and space to apply for YMF finance before they visit a Yamaha dealer. Providing a range of loan choices and terms, the pre-approval process is fast, easy to understand and gives the customer the essential information to purchase their new Yamaha product with confidence.

The YMF Loan pre-approval process begins with the online application form. Accessed through the YMF website , the easy-to-follow application form is completed online and then electronically lodged with YMF. Customers can use the online calculator to give an indication of fortnightly or monthly payments with or without a balloon.

On completion of the application, a YMF staff member will contact the customer within 24 hours. If successful, an approval number will be issued that allows the customer to purchase through any Yamaha dealer in Australia providing choice and complete confidence that their loan has been pre-approved.

If the boat, motor and trailer package cost is more than the customer expected, a call to the YMF office quoting the approval number will enable YMF to make the changes to further suit the customer’s needs, subject to normal credit criteria.

Of course, customers who prefer to organise their YMF finance in person at their authorised Yamaha dealership can continue to do so.

YMF has provided an industry competitive loan facility for hundreds of satisfied Yamaha customers. Whether their needs are a complete boating package or a re-power, YMF can now offer the convenience of a pre-approval loan facility for all private, partnership of commercial applications.

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