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Yamaha Vmax Sho

Yamaha announced recently the arrival of the much anticipated VMAX SHO – a four-stroke engine designed specifically for the high performance fishing boat market, into Australia for the first time. The Yamaha VMAX SHO is now available through Yamaha’s nation wide network of authorised dealerships.

Dubbed a game changer in the US, the VMAX SHO has set the market alight, outperforming direct-injected two-stroke competitors in an environment where four-stroke engines were once believed to be too heavy and lacking grunt.

This range of outboards comprises 250, 225 and 200 horsepower versions and is only available in long shaft (20 inch). The VMAX SHO shares its 4.2 litre power head with Yamaha’s 4.2L offshore range of outboards. The use of plasma fused sleeveless cylinders in these engines instead of conventional steel sleeves sets Yamaha VMAX SHO apart from all other high-performance outboard motors on the market today.

The plasma fusion process has allowed Yamaha engineers to gain the greatest displacement from the least amount of mass in the engine block, producing the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. At the same time, it yields a surface that is 60 percent stronger than a steel liner for greater durability. In addition, the sleeveless cylinders result in better heat transfer between the cylinder walls, which means cooling is more efficient for long-term durability.

In the 250 horsepower class, no production V6 outboard, four-stroke or two-stroke, is lighter. The VMAX SHO models achieve this through the use of the latest lightweight composite materials in the cowling and engine pan as well as a lighter exhaust system, lower unit and alternator than previous models.

The other big advantage competitive fishermen are finding is the fuel economy of the VMAX SHO. As you would expect from a four-stroke outboard, it burns about 12 percent less fuel on average than the 3.3L Yamaha HPDI two stroke, Yamaha’s previous offering in this high performance category.

While specifically designed for high performance fishing boats the VMAX SHO also presents as a great power option for other flat water applications such as social ski boats. With awesome performance and a visually sharp design the Yamaha VMAX SHO is a head turning engine as well as a game changer.

The VMAX SHO is covered by a 2 + 1 year manufacturers warranty for recreational use. To be eligible for the extra one year warranty (three in total) the customer must register their unit at Yamaha’s website,


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