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Zerek Weighted Worm Hook & Jig Head Packs

The new Zerek range of weighted worm hook & jig heads are specially designed weighted hooks that will perfectly match your Zerek Live Shrimp or Zerek Live Cherabin Lures. Each pack of hooks contains an assortment of weight styles and shapes built on the same reliable super strong chemically sharpened hook that was fitted to your original Zerek lure. Zerek hook packs give you the option to fish the Live Shrimp and Live Cherabin in multiple presentation styles and sink rates using the same Zerek Lure Body. Your fishing choices are maximised when complimenting your Zerek Live Lures with additional Zerek Hook packs. Zerek Live Shrimp Hook Packs Available in: 2 inch with 1gm & 3gm Weights 3.5 inch with 2gm, 4.5gm & 7gm Weights 5 inch with 4gm, 8gm & 11gm Weights Zerek Live Cherabin Hooks Available in: 4 inch with 3gm, 7gm & 9gm Weights More sizes coming soon… RRP: From $8.50


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