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Zerust - uncompromised anti-corrosion protection for the harshest marine environments.

Keen anglers value their fishing gear which is rarely cheap. Rust and corrosion are always an issue when fishing in salt water. Thanks to Zerust, now you can protect your investment from rust and corrosion.

The ZERUST® Max Waterproof Tuff Tainer® is guaranteed to keep all your tackle and accessories intact and organised. This durable “tainer” has lots of space to hold your fishing necessities while keeping them safe from different elements.

How Zerust Works

The vapor corrosion inhibitor portion of Zerust products is made of proprietary chemical formulations that are invisible, odourless, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable and non-allergenic. These chemical formulations release a corrosion inhibiting vapour that diffuses throughout an enclosure that either contains Zerust VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) formulations or is made from Zerust VCI materials, and settles on exposed metal surfaces to form a microscopic corrosion inhibiting layer.

This protective layer will remain on the surface of the metal as long as there is no significant, continuous exchange of air within the enclosure. Ideally, there should be less than one air exchange per day (for example, when an electrical cabinet or package is opened briefly and occasionally). Once the metal part is removed from the enclosure, the corrosion inhibiting layer is no longer kept in place by equilibrium with the Zerust source, and it dissipates from metal surfaces, (typically within about an hour) leaving the metal part clean, dry and corrosion-free.

Zerust ICT products offer corrosion protection without having to be in direct contact with or coated onto the parts that are being protected. Metal parts merely need to be enclosed in or with a Zerust product (where airflow is minimised) for protection to occur. With Zerust, it is no longer necessary to apply messy oils, greases and other corrosion protection compounds and incur the cost of their removal. After removal of Zerust packaging, the VCI substances present on the metal surface disperse within one to two hours.

Specifications and Features

Fully infused with enhanced level of Zerust® VCI vapour technology that provides effortless rust prevention for metal tackle in extreme marine environments.

Available in different sizes and variations so you’ll never need another utility box again.

Continuous O-ring silicone gasket creates a waterproof seal to keep contents safe and dry.

Heavy-duty, polycarbonate latches designed for crisp, secure closure and one-handed operation.

Transluscent lid and base for easy identification of contents when closed.


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